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Alright, Assassins Creed comes out in September (09/25/07). Right now, on this post, i'm gonna say it.

Assassins Creed will be - no doubt - one of the best games this year for the 360. Though it won’t be the best - Halo 3 already has that crown sitting on it's head - it will be within the top 5. Possibly top 3.

Why? That is not the question. The question is Why not?

So, Altair - our main, um...hero, i guess - is a bad ass assassin. Or, at least, he was. The game starts off after our guy just lost his rank, his reputation, and his middle finger. We, as Altair, then do our best to restore them. Well, two out of the three at least.

AC is set in the 12th century, during the third Crusades. We are an assassins who is attempting to find out what these holey Crusades are truthfully about. The game evolves through missions and side missions, where sup-characters are as important as killing your main target.

So, I’m not gonna say much more - anyone interested can check that shit out for themselves. But I will voice my opinion on the game play that I’ve seen. From trailers I’ve watched and from magazines I’ve read, this games graphic and gp (game play) will kick. Majorly. It's got a high FPS ratio, and large open ranges and leves to walk around out. The game ply, I’ve heard, isn't like anything we regular DMC, Spider Man, Tomb Raider players are used to. Combos are next to non-existence. In this game, Altair isn't a fighter – he’s an assassin. A stealthily, quick killer - not your run-of-the-mill warrior.

That brings me to sword-play and weapons. He'll be a defensive swordsman, nothing like any fighter we are familiar with. Though, with stealth kills, Altair will kick ass anyway. He's got something like a 6" dagger for a middle finger now, and he can climb anything that there is.

I'm not sure, as of now, how long this game is. You travel to three enchant cities and kill a bunch of people along the way, ride horses, and run to save your life from angry and soon-to-be-dead Crusaders.

Now all this is speculation. So far it seams that I’m the only one pushing this game - probably because it's not do to come out for another 3 months, and everyone is so swept up on Halo that they aren't paying attention to bad ass games like AC, Tenchu Z, or Blue Dragon much right now. The hype over Spider Man 3 is dieing down, and the hype over Madden is starting up (sorry, but that is one game i will not be talking about here. I know how disappointed ya'll must be).

That's it from me about this game for now. I'll say something about it a week or so before it comes out, and then again once I’ve played it. Guy's, really, look in to this game if you have a 360. Really. Do it.

Nod to Issue 52 of Xbox World 360, Assassinscreed.Com, and YouTube.com.


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May. 29th, 2008 09:17 pm (UTC)
im playing AC at the moment and i was wondering.. do you ever get the crossbow back?
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