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Well, i know i'm a little late with this. I know. So sue me!


But i have to mention it.


This is possibly the biggest game for the DS - ever. Really, next to New. Sup. Mario Brothers, Phoenix Wright, Trauma Center, and (upcoming) Zelda, what stands out on the DS?



EVERY SINGLE HAND HELD NEEDS A POKEMON. A Cardinal rule, that is. That is, possibly, why i don’t like the PSP. Nintendo is the master of the handheld, and no one can take that title from them. Possibly because of this company - the Pokemon company, respectably - that has made it so. Truthfully, the only reason I got my first Nintendo GameBoy was because I wanted to play Pokemon (and Diddy Kong, and Mario, but we're talking about Pokemon now - not that).


Anyway, to be objective.


Graphic wise, for the DS, it's great. It's like the old ones, enhanced and magnified - with color and more motion ant etc. In the line of Pokemon, this steps into place perfectly for the games, what 8th remake. And i must say, I’m enjoying the gender choice. And, what, SOME GROUP OTHER THEN TEAM ROCKET? I think, actually, i miss them. I do.


Pokemon: There are more, and you have to get them. That part of the story never changed, yes, but there are more and the kick even more ass. I haven't played Pokemon since Red, Blue, and Yellow came out - so the whole Ruby  and FireRed crap never touched me. So I’m floored completely and it all. New Pokemon is fun, but I need to have them all. This is not a game for those with OCD.


Yes, the game can be short - if you don’t play for 40 hours straight, that is. It can take you a while if your a leveling freak, but if you wanna get through the game quickly, it's possible.


New!: The Pokemon computations! Shows! things!! Were you need to earn ribbons! What the hell was that called again?...eeh, whatever. you get stuff for it, and it something that can take you away from the regular battle-n-catch stuff that can get repetitive.


the types seams more effective in the game('s), or so I have noticed. Collecting a wide range of Pokemon actually becomes very important when you fight gym leaders. unless you have a strong Pokemon, you really can't go that far. Focusing on one is good, until you get to that one gym leader that has your opposite and suddenly you die and proceed to throw your DS across the room and refuse to pick it up for a week.


And, since when could you do double battles? What game did i miss when you could do that?! IT's COOL AND HELPS YOU LVL FAST!! I LIKE.


This is a MUST game this year. Anyone who loved the past games should get this one. In fact, go out and get a DS to get this game. You don’t know what your missing without one.





My an I ambitious tonight. Two posts in a day. Wow........


So, is anyone even reading this crap? Can I not be the only one talking about this shit? Someone, anyone - I’m lonely and a loser over here!!


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May. 9th, 2007 07:34 pm (UTC)
Sweet! Welcome!

Well, what do you play? 360? PS2? favorite game???

The DS is a great handhealed game to get. If you dont have one, get it<3
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May. 11th, 2007 10:11 pm (UTC)
HELL YES PC games!! I'm on Guild Wars all the time...well, when i'm not working. I want a Wii - my cuz has one - and i've gotten at least 24 hours into it. Jsut meat the Water Temple...

All Zelda's are bad ass. I had ocarina for Nintendo 64, but i lost that game.

RPG's are my favorite. Have you treid Kingdom Hearts. BAD ASS. REALLY!! I haven't touchd a FF since VII. I'm kinda afirade of them, not to lie. Baldurs Gate is amazing - beat that a while ago.

Yo, long replys aren't bad. Hell, any reply is nice.
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