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Afternoon, one and all:

Well, my extensive knowledge in the video game area, coupled along working in a video game store, has given me as good grasp on the ass-kicking games that are currently out for every system on the market. Zelda whoops ass for the Wii, the 360 is alive with the upcoming Halo 3, the PC is sparking with WoW, the DS is hitting it big all round by simply being the best hand helled out right now (I have no opinion on the PSP - nor do i know any good games out for it....um...new Prince of Persia?).
For a long while, the idea of a PS3 was shitty simply because it had crappy games.
While on my way to NH, I was reading PSM, and guess who's on the front?

Our favorite bad-ass, sword wielding, gun toting, half-demon, high-action, low-patience, over-all badass named Dante.
Devil May Cry 4, while our main focus shifts from our lovable trigger-happy hero to the new, almost identical looking kid Nero, the way the characters move, along with how dark and stuffed with action the games normally are, has not changed. There are 60fps (frames per second) of motion, and the dark quality along with the beast and the Devil-Gauge have been improved and expanded upon.
Right now, since the rights to only have Lair and another game - slips my mind right now - have3 slipped from Sony's rasp, it seams that DMC4 might be the biggest game for Sony in the future. Even i, a pure Nintendo/Microsoft fan was slightly taken back by the thought of playing this game on a PS3.

The rumor that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be a PS3 title only have also swayed my ideas of what i would like to spend my pay check on. But for now i'm content wiht the up-coming PC and 360 games, thankyouverymuch.
The next words from me will be about Guild Wars Eyes of the North, as well as Guild Wars 2. Because I am very excited...



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