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The New 360 - out in April

Alright, so my 360 is white a lovely - with a great hard drive for me and the amount of gaming I do. And, so, my XBox life is hooked up to the market place and all that fun stuff - with my crappy GamerScore and my 3-star rating. It's nice. I like it.

But no. Microsoft, you have to be an ass and make a hot looking black one.

I really can’t stand it.

It's pretty. Actually, it's more then pretty - it's fucking gorgeous

This new 360 will have:
~A 120 GB hard drive
~HDMI cables
~black accessories (not included)
~ability to DL Standard and HD movies form the market place
~Internet Protocol TV (kind of like TiVo, sing up only)

The price is looking like $479 - about $50 more then the premium model - and the 120GB HD can be bought by itself for $200.

So, yeah - it doesn’t have a Blue-Ray player (it has a HD-DVD add on for, like, $200 too). And, all together - whit the HD player it's around $680 (or around the price of a PS3, if you will), none of that matters much to the games who want that hard drive.

The new 360 is coming out around the end of April (somewhere between 23 and the 26, but you didn't get that from me), and no, you cant reserve one. It's first come, first serve. Now is the time to get to know someone working at EBGames or Best Buy - a friend can always pull one to the side for you.....
Why do I have a feeling that getting a new 360 will be like getting a Wii?
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