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Alright, Assassins Creed comes out in September (09/25/07). Right now, on this post, i'm gonna say it.

Assassins Creed will be - no doubt - one of the best games this year for the 360. Though it won’t be the best - Halo 3 already has that crown sitting on it's head - it will be within the top 5. Possibly top 3.

Why? That is not the question. The question is Why not?

So, Altair - our main, um...hero, i guess - is a bad ass assassin. Or, at least, he was. The game starts off after our guy just lost his rank, his reputation, and his middle finger. We, as Altair, then do our best to restore them. Well, two out of the three at least.

AC is set in the 12th century, during the third Crusades. We are an assassins who is attempting to find out what these holey Crusades are truthfully about. The game evolves through missions and side missions, where sup-characters are as important as killing your main target.

So, I’m not gonna say much more - anyone interested can check that shit out for themselves. But I will voice my opinion on the game play that I’ve seen. From trailers I’ve watched and from magazines I’ve read, this games graphic and gp (game play) will kick. Majorly. It's got a high FPS ratio, and large open ranges and leves to walk around out. The game ply, I’ve heard, isn't like anything we regular DMC, Spider Man, Tomb Raider players are used to. Combos are next to non-existence. In this game, Altair isn't a fighter – he’s an assassin. A stealthily, quick killer - not your run-of-the-mill warrior.

That brings me to sword-play and weapons. He'll be a defensive swordsman, nothing like any fighter we are familiar with. Though, with stealth kills, Altair will kick ass anyway. He's got something like a 6" dagger for a middle finger now, and he can climb anything that there is.

I'm not sure, as of now, how long this game is. You travel to three enchant cities and kill a bunch of people along the way, ride horses, and run to save your life from angry and soon-to-be-dead Crusaders.

Now all this is speculation. So far it seams that I’m the only one pushing this game - probably because it's not do to come out for another 3 months, and everyone is so swept up on Halo that they aren't paying attention to bad ass games like AC, Tenchu Z, or Blue Dragon much right now. The hype over Spider Man 3 is dieing down, and the hype over Madden is starting up (sorry, but that is one game i will not be talking about here. I know how disappointed ya'll must be).

That's it from me about this game for now. I'll say something about it a week or so before it comes out, and then again once I’ve played it. Guy's, really, look in to this game if you have a 360. Really. Do it.

Nod to Issue 52 of Xbox World 360, Assassinscreed.Com, and YouTube.com.

Well, i know i'm a little late with this. I know. So sue me!


But i have to mention it.


This is possibly the biggest game for the DS - ever. Really, next to New. Sup. Mario Brothers, Phoenix Wright, Trauma Center, and (upcoming) Zelda, what stands out on the DS?



EVERY SINGLE HAND HELD NEEDS A POKEMON. A Cardinal rule, that is. That is, possibly, why i don’t like the PSP. Nintendo is the master of the handheld, and no one can take that title from them. Possibly because of this company - the Pokemon company, respectably - that has made it so. Truthfully, the only reason I got my first Nintendo GameBoy was because I wanted to play Pokemon (and Diddy Kong, and Mario, but we're talking about Pokemon now - not that).


Anyway, to be objective.


Graphic wise, for the DS, it's great. It's like the old ones, enhanced and magnified - with color and more motion ant etc. In the line of Pokemon, this steps into place perfectly for the games, what 8th remake. And i must say, I’m enjoying the gender choice. And, what, SOME GROUP OTHER THEN TEAM ROCKET? I think, actually, i miss them. I do.


Pokemon: There are more, and you have to get them. That part of the story never changed, yes, but there are more and the kick even more ass. I haven't played Pokemon since Red, Blue, and Yellow came out - so the whole Ruby  and FireRed crap never touched me. So I’m floored completely and it all. New Pokemon is fun, but I need to have them all. This is not a game for those with OCD.


Yes, the game can be short - if you don’t play for 40 hours straight, that is. It can take you a while if your a leveling freak, but if you wanna get through the game quickly, it's possible.


New!: The Pokemon computations! Shows! things!! Were you need to earn ribbons! What the hell was that called again?...eeh, whatever. you get stuff for it, and it something that can take you away from the regular battle-n-catch stuff that can get repetitive.


the types seams more effective in the game('s), or so I have noticed. Collecting a wide range of Pokemon actually becomes very important when you fight gym leaders. unless you have a strong Pokemon, you really can't go that far. Focusing on one is good, until you get to that one gym leader that has your opposite and suddenly you die and proceed to throw your DS across the room and refuse to pick it up for a week.


And, since when could you do double battles? What game did i miss when you could do that?! IT's COOL AND HELPS YOU LVL FAST!! I LIKE.


This is a MUST game this year. Anyone who loved the past games should get this one. In fact, go out and get a DS to get this game. You don’t know what your missing without one.





My an I ambitious tonight. Two posts in a day. Wow........


So, is anyone even reading this crap? Can I not be the only one talking about this shit? Someone, anyone - I’m lonely and a loser over here!!

So, Friday May 4 was the release date for SP3, movie and game. 

But this is a gaming community, so we'll stick to that.

I only just got the game (yesterday) and so far - I AM IN LOVE.

This is heaps better then Spider-Man 2. But that was never a question to begin with.



The graphics get an A in my opinion. MJ, Harry - they look great. But Peter, well, maybe they could have spent a little more time on Parker and a little less on The Webster. BlackSuit!Spidie is, um, do i need to even go into the badass-ness he's got.

One thing I have enjoyed thus far is the reaction commands. Reminds me of God of War and all that, and I enjoy it. The web slinging it great, if i do say so myself - I’m already a pro. (yeah, 30 minuets into it and i can almost go the way i want!). The moves you learn seem stupid at first, buy my sources [a.k.a. my customers] have told me that after you get passed the mini missions and such in the beginning, you need all the bad-ass moves they teach you in the beginning. Like, EVERYTHING. So remember your basics and practice them on thugs - get good, because there are lizards that need an asskicking, a sand man who's hard as hell, and...you know all this! Must i continue?....

Still art and game play are lovely, yes. It's out for all current systems (not PSP though, him...). I'm wondering what the game play is for Wii, and I wanna see the graphic for the 360. I'm thinking you can get a shit lode of achievements points for this game. Any take down of a gang mission lets you lvl up - so why not points? Hum....

Looks bad ass. This is most-deff a 'GET IT NOW' game.

Afternoon, one and all:

Well, my extensive knowledge in the video game area, coupled along working in a video game store, has given me as good grasp on the ass-kicking games that are currently out for every system on the market. Zelda whoops ass for the Wii, the 360 is alive with the upcoming Halo 3, the PC is sparking with WoW, the DS is hitting it big all round by simply being the best hand helled out right now (I have no opinion on the PSP - nor do i know any good games out for it....um...new Prince of Persia?).
For a long while, the idea of a PS3 was shitty simply because it had crappy games.
While on my way to NH, I was reading PSM, and guess who's on the front?

Our favorite bad-ass, sword wielding, gun toting, half-demon, high-action, low-patience, over-all badass named Dante.
Devil May Cry 4, while our main focus shifts from our lovable trigger-happy hero to the new, almost identical looking kid Nero, the way the characters move, along with how dark and stuffed with action the games normally are, has not changed. There are 60fps (frames per second) of motion, and the dark quality along with the beast and the Devil-Gauge have been improved and expanded upon.
Right now, since the rights to only have Lair and another game - slips my mind right now - have3 slipped from Sony's rasp, it seams that DMC4 might be the biggest game for Sony in the future. Even i, a pure Nintendo/Microsoft fan was slightly taken back by the thought of playing this game on a PS3.

The rumor that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be a PS3 title only have also swayed my ideas of what i would like to spend my pay check on. But for now i'm content wiht the up-coming PC and 360 games, thankyouverymuch.
The next words from me will be about Guild Wars Eyes of the North, as well as Guild Wars 2. Because I am very excited...


The New 360 - out in April

Alright, so my 360 is white a lovely - with a great hard drive for me and the amount of gaming I do. And, so, my XBox life is hooked up to the market place and all that fun stuff - with my crappy GamerScore and my 3-star rating. It's nice. I like it.

But no. Microsoft, you have to be an ass and make a hot looking black one.

I really can’t stand it.

It's pretty. Actually, it's more then pretty - it's fucking gorgeous

This new 360 will have:
~A 120 GB hard drive
~HDMI cables
~black accessories (not included)
~ability to DL Standard and HD movies form the market place
~Internet Protocol TV (kind of like TiVo, sing up only)

The price is looking like $479 - about $50 more then the premium model - and the 120GB HD can be bought by itself for $200.

So, yeah - it doesn’t have a Blue-Ray player (it has a HD-DVD add on for, like, $200 too). And, all together - whit the HD player it's around $680 (or around the price of a PS3, if you will), none of that matters much to the games who want that hard drive.

The new 360 is coming out around the end of April (somewhere between 23 and the 26, but you didn't get that from me), and no, you cant reserve one. It's first come, first serve. Now is the time to get to know someone working at EBGames or Best Buy - a friend can always pull one to the side for you.....
Why do I have a feeling that getting a new 360 will be like getting a Wii?
Currently Playing: Indigo Prophecies (xbox)/ Guild Wars Factions(PC)

God Of War 2: 3/13/07

So we're getting God Of War 2 in the store tomorrow - the last good game for PS2, at least that's what i heard anyway.... - and i jsut wanna know:

Anyone into GoW? Did you reserve the second one?...


...First Try At A Conversation Post....

Alright, so, anyone excited about Halo 3?

....Or is anyone more excited about Assassans Creed? That might be the frst new 360 game i buy...

'nyway, i'm thinking of putting up a 'New Release' posts every so often, or a 'Comming Soon' one. Good idea? 

Intro Post: Zerosconsort - ZC For Short

Name: ZC, if you will
Gamer Tag: Zerosconsort
Gamer Score [360]: 450-ish
Systems: PS2, PS1, Genesis (small), Xbox 360, PC
Favorite Type of Game: MMORPG, and third person RP games...
Favorite Game (as of now...): Kingdom Hearts (1&2) [PS2] / Final Fantisy VII [PS1]/ Guild Wars [PC]
Hours Player (per week): 6-10, on average. More if i'm in a groove,

*Note: I currently work in a game store - my 360's bran-spanken-new - and I am in love with RPG games. I played D&D for a while when i was younger...and i guess that's what started me on my game kick.

I'm a foul mouthes bitch. my language flows with my mood. So cursing will me a norm in this comm. I'm not very pretty, and i have glasses, so yeah - i'm a nerd. Thankyouverymuch.


Opening Post....

Welcom to Girls and Games!

Yeah yeah, whatever....

So, simple rules:
1 - Be nice
2 - Play hard
3 - Kick Ass

I think that's all I need to say for now.

So, any new members (or anyone at all), please give us (me, really) an entry post with the systems you have and the games you love! And tell us a little bit about yourself!...and all that fun stuff....yeah....

I'm gonna go play now...